We love Flowers!

Since 5 Generations, flowers are playing a dominant role for us.

So did already the mother of our founder organize Flower-Parades to give war-widows a new existence just after WW1 (worldwar-1).

She also wrote a book about the purpose of flowers for our lives.


Floristic is our Core Competency

Regardless if you are active in:

  • Booth construction
  • Event-Services
    Event-Services examples


Our excitement and competency for flowers will be a critical parameter to your success!


Combine Your competency with ours – for

  • Conception und Realization of the (Flower-)Decoration
  • Flower arrangements, Bouquets, Decoration or
  • Our Full-Service for all floral Elements from the flower via the (Stage, Car…)- Decoration up to the vase

If you are interested please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us:


    The data will be used to contact you and will never be disclosed to third parties.