Willi Jansen


He keeps the business up and running

David Jansen

Director Wholesale and flower purchasing

He knows the best growers and flower sources around the world and takes care for the Florists in and around Munich always can benefit from fresh, top quality flowers and potted plants at best prices

Nicole Jansen

Director purchasing dry goods, Controlling and HR

She knows the best sources for dried plants and goods, keeps our team skilled and motivated and she takes care that our data is always concurrent – and much more…

Helga Lanzl

Director floristic

She creats the most stunning Bouquets and arrangements and takes care that each single piece is matching highest floristic standards

Juri Csereszny

Manager Logistics

He is taking care that all goods are fresh, in good condition well organized and that all deliveries are reaching their customers – in time and well protected

Renata Banjay

Manchette and Quality control

No flower and no bouquet which is not perfect is passing her severe look and she is giving each bouquet the perfect frame (manchette)